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Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:Determine of height network parameters
Written by (author): Ing. Ján Badžgoň
Department: Department of Surveying (FCE)
Thesis supervisor: doc. Ing. Peter Kyrinovič, PhD.
Opponent:Ing. Michal Doležal
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:English

Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:Determine of height network parameters
Summary:Badžgoň, Ján: Determine of height network parameters. Bachelor thesis. Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Departmentof Surveying.Supervisor: Ing. Peter Kyrinovič, PhD. Bratislava, 2013.35 pages. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to determine parameters (characteristics of 1st and 2nd order) of leveling network, which is situated on the rooftop of the building block A Faculty of Civil Engineering in Bratislava. The first chapter deals with the National Leveling Network, you can find the rules for numbering of the points, also. The content of the second chapter is stabilization and protection of the points of the network division stabilization brands, as well as a description of protective devices. In the third chapter there are the characteristics of the leveling network on the rooftop of block A of Faculty of Civil Engineering in Bratislava with a graphical visualization of the con figuration of measured points. In the fourth chapter we describe the surveying works, which includes height verification of the National Leveling Network, connecting survey from points of National Leveling Network to the points of the local network and measurement of height difference between network points. After surveying works measured data have been processed and the accuracy and tolerances have been determined. This chapter also describes methodology of point heights determination, the used measurement device, and the leveling rods, used for the measurement. In the fifth chapter are listed the results of data processing -- heights of points and their relative and absolute mean errors.
Key words:height network, determiningof parameters, stabilization, protection, accuracy

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