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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:
Automatic speech recognition
Written by (author):
Bc. Pavol Andrášik
Thesis supervisor: Ing. Juraj Kačur, PhD.
Final thesis progress:
Final thesis was successfully defended.

Additional information

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Language of final thesis:

Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:
Automatic speech recognition
Summary:The goal of my bachelor's work was to get familiar with basic principles and processes of automatic speech recognition. The first part was dedicated to theoretical and mathematical description of hidden Markov models, which ASR works with. The second part is dedicated to recognition of numbers by using different types of parameterization, the comparison of parameterization and evaluation. I have compared MFCC and PLP parameterization, in evaluation I have found out that PLP parameterization works better.
Key words:
MFCC, PLP, parameterization, Markov models

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