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Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:Anti-drug and profilax education
Written by (author):
Thesis supervisor: PhDr. Ivan Milec
PhDr. Zuzana Chmelárová, PhD.
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Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Slovak        English

Title of the thesis:Anti-drug and profilax education
In this work we focused on primary prevention of drug addiction of students by us selected secondary schools. The work consist of theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical section explains the basic concepts and terms we work with in other chapters and linked to the subject, describes the prevention and prevention of various types, some fundamental factors that help to dependency. In the empirical section focuses on research carried out at two secondary schools. The survey was conducted by us, developed an anonymous questionnaire, the results we are using mathematical and statistical methods to analyze.
Key words:
student, teacher, drug

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